Wednesday, August 17, 2016

REVENGE, Part One, Chapter One - FREE

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Chapter One ~ George
It was all I had thought about since that day. I knew I would have to wait, but that was okay. I was a patient man. I would strike when the time was right.
And that time was now.
“Boss, are you ready to go? The plane is fueled up and all set.” My right hand man and best friend Simon came into my office.
I turned from the window I had been standing at, looking out over the city of New York. It was evening and I never got tired of seeing the lights of the city beneath me. I had built my empire here but now it spanned the globe. On the surface, it looked like I had it all, but I couldn’t get her and what she had done to me out of my mind.
“I’m ready,” I nodded and took my hands from my pockets. I buttoned my suit jacket and checked my phone for any last minute emails or messages. I was leaving things in good hands, so I wasn’t concerned and I was always a phone call or text away.
I followed Simon to the elevator and down to the first floor where he had a car waiting for us. Thankfully, traffic cooperated and we made it to the airport quickly. Simon tried to make small talk, but I wasn’t interested. After a few curt answers, he got the idea that I was better left alone.
The car pulled up near the plane on the private strip and we got out. After exchanging a few words with my pilot, we boarded.
“Are you sure about this?” Simon asked as we waited to take off.
I narrowed my eyes at him. “I’m sure.” I opened a magazine on my lap, signaling to him this conversation was over.
I never read the magazine, anxious to get to our destination. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back in my seat. I drifted off to sleep and found myself dreaming of her - the object of my hate and my revenge.
Her green eyes haunted me since high school. I would often see them when I closed my eyes. That and her long black hair that looked like spun silk and I bet felt just as good. Not that she would have ever let me touch it to find out.
The descent of the plane caused me to wake up from my light slumber. I glanced out the window to see the obnoxious lights of Las Vegas below me. I hated the city. I could almost smell the desperation of the people there every time I visited. It didn’t surprise me she was living in such a place.
“Do you have all the information we need?” I noticed a folder on Simon’s lap. I had left him in charge of finding her. Of course he hadn’t disappointed me. He was my right hand man for a reason.
“I do.” He tapped the folder in front to him. “Do you want to check in first or go see her?”
“Let’s go see her.” I didn’t want to waste anymore time to put my plan into action.
We landed on a private airstrip in Las Vegas and there was a car waiting for us. Simon gave the driver the location of where we were going before we got in. He poured me a small glass of scotch that was in the car and I gladly took it. I hated to admit it, but the very idea of seeing her had me nervous and feeling like I was that geek back in high school people laughed at.
But he was gone and I was here to show her what she missed. I was going to put her in her place.
We pulled up in front of a club and the driver indicated we had arrived at our destination. I got out and looked around. The sign said Diamond Gentlemen’s Club. There was a sign on the door about a featured dancer named Candy.
“Simon, are we at a strip club?”
“Yes, we are.”
I paused and looked around. “She’s a stripper?”
“I thought you knew that.”
I shook my head. “No, you said she was a dancer in Las Vegas. I figured you meant show girl.”
He grinned. “Sorry, Boss, but no, she’s a stripper. I thought you understood that when I told you.”
This was interesting. The most popular girl in school, the one voted most likely to succeed, the one who dated the captain of the football team was now a stripper? Karma really was a bitch.
“Shall we go inside?” Simon held his arm out toward the door and we went inside. He paid the cover charge for us to get in and we went through another set of doors. It was dark and my eyes took a second to adjust before I could get a good look around.
I had been to strip clubs in my life and always hated them. I hated the way the women basically asked for money by the way they rubbed their bodies on you. I hated the men who were disillusioned enough to think these women actually liked them. I found them disgusting.
That’s why it almost made me giddy to think of her working here. She had to take off her clothes for money. It was almost too good to be true.
We found a table that was in the middle of the crowd - close enough to get a decent look at the stage but far enough away to not be noticed. We sat down and ordered a drink from a girl that barely looked eighteen and was wearing little more than dental floss.
“Do you see her?”
“Not yet, but it’s dark and I’m not sure how much she’s changed since high school.” Would I even be able to find her? Would she notice me? What if she wasn’t there tonight?
Our drinks arrived as a man came over the sound system.
“We have a treat for you tonight,” he bellowed. “Tonight’s featured dancer is our very own Candy!”
The crowd went wild and out walked a tall blonde, wearing a very skimpy candy striper outfit. She turned her face toward where we were sitting and I almost gasped. I knew those eyes anywhere. There she was.