Monday, April 21, 2014

Blurb Reveal - A Twisted Affair

Here's the synopsis for my next release, a standalone due out in May of 2014.  What do ya think?

I never thought I'd miss being a nobody. But for once, I'd like to walk down the street unnoticed, or go a week without ending up in the gossip pages. So I quit. Just like that, I left the fame and the money and headed back home.

What I didn't expect to find was Him…

I have a job to do. And she is my only way in. My plan was simple; use her to get what I needed, and then get out.

Only I didn't expect  her to make me feel the way she does. I didn't expect to fall in love. Now, everything is on the line. 

If I don't do this, I could lose everything. If I do, I could lose her.